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We apply
Data Science & Machine Learning

to solve business challenges and fuel innovations
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Intelliarts AI team uses Data Science and Machine Learning to help companies optimize, scale, and innovate their businesses to gain a competitive advantage in a fast-changing world.

We use an industry-standard iterative approach defined by CRISP-DM methodology to drive us through all the questions and obstacles to the working ML solution.

Data Analysis


Thorough data analysis is the very first step to better understand the nature of the available data and see if it's suitable for a Machine Learning solution. Being involved in a variety of data-rich projects, we’ve worked with data that was:

  • Structured (tabular data)

  • Unstructured (texts, audio/video streams, sensors data)

  • Semi-structured (non-tabular structured data)


To get business insights from the available data, we perform:

  • Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Statistical Modelling and Analysis

  • Data visualizations, dashboards, and reports

If there is enough quality data to build an ML solution, we start implementing it right away. However, if data is still to be collected, we first help companies define and implement the Data Collection strategy.

Machine Learning


Implementation of an ML solution is an iterative process that includes scientific research, prototyping, training, evaluation, deployment, and further maintenance and support of ML models. We help our customers to build Machine Learning solutions for:


  • Predictive Maintenance

  • Anomaly detection for IoT products

  • Forecasting and trends identification

  • Customers segmentation and behavior analysis

  • Resource utilization prediction

  • Fraud detection and prevention

  • Computer vision

  • Natural language processing

  • Recommendation engines

Data Collection


Data is the key for every modern business, but the biggest challenge with data nowadays is that there are enormous amounts of it coming from a plethora of sources. 


We help companies with data strategy implementation, which includes:

  • Defining data points to collect data from

  • Data modeling

  • Building ETL/ELT pipelines

  • Creating data warehouse and data lake solutions

  • Fostering data usage across the company

As a result, your company gets an effective data collection process that your business would benefit from.



Sometimes, companies that are new to Big Data and AI technologies struggle with identifying whether their businesses would benefit from applying those technologies and what would be the first step on their way to being a data- and AI-driven company.


That's where we could step in and help perform a discovery phase aimed to identify opportunities for the business and define a transformation plan. By applying 20+ years of expertise in the technology sector, we save our customers tons of time and money on decisions like:


  • What tech solution might my business benefit from?

  • What technologies to use and how to do that?

  • Are we ready for transformation, and what should be our first step?

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Read our white paper to turn predictive maintenance into a success story for your manufacturing company!


Data Science and Machine Learning are versatile technologies applicable to any industry. We focus on solving business problems in:

  • Predictive maintenance for vehicles and equipment

  • Traffic load analysis and prediction

  • In-vehicle intelligence systems

  • Fleet management and routing recommendations


  • ​​Equipment state monitoring and predictive maintenance

  • Predictive Quality & Yield

  • Equipment condition monitoring and anomalies detection


  • Traffic analysis and optimization

  • Equipment state monitoring and predictive maintenance

  • Detection and prediction of network anomalies

  • Customers feedback analysis and support optimization


  • Customer profile-based personalization

  • Customers behavior and churn prediction

  • Demand prediction and price optimization

  • Recommendation engines


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  • Coming from another industry? Not a problem. 

    Data Science and Machine Learning are versatile technologies that could be applied to solving business challenges specific to your industry. Let’s discuss


Business problems we solve

Business problems we solve

As with any other technologies, Data Science and Machine Learning could be extremely effective in the right context. Understanding those contexts and the kinds of AI technology that apply to them is the key to setting realistic business goals for AI adoption.

We start any new project by framing and crystallizing the business problem our customers are trying to solve and then focus on building an ML solution that helps the company to achieve measurable business outcomes.

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Predictive maintenance

We have experience in applying Predictive Maintenance techniques in Railway and Automotive industries. One of our cases describes using Predictive Maintenance to forecast unsuccessful coupling in trains. As a result, it reduced schedule shifts, saved costs and time on downtimes for the client.

Our ML-powered solutions can uncover hidden patterns in factory data to discover actionable insights. Seeing patterns in actions repeated by humans may appear to be the first step in automating your business processes. It is a proven effective method of lowering unexpected expenses and breakdowns.

Why Us

Why us?

We are Machine Learning enthusiasts and technology lovers from the Intelliarts AI team, ready to help with a wide spectrum of Machine Learning problems, starting from Data Analysis, building an effective Data Collection pipeline, and ending with the ML model development, deployment, and support.


Being a part of the larger Intelliarts company allows us to act as a one-stop-shop and provide solutions not only in the area of Data Science and Machine Learning but also in full-cycle Software Development.


More than 20 years of proven experience in creating software solutions


Senior and middle engineers constitute 80% of our company


40 hours trial, so you are sure we're the ones you're willing to build a partnership with


We focus on building solutions that provide business value


We build self-managed agile teams for you to spend less efforts on management


85% of our clients return with new projects


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