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The Why and How of Predictive Maintenance in Manufacturing

Does it sound familiar to you: important equipment or its component is breaking down at the worst possible moment, causing costly downtime and resulting in inconvenience for your end-users?

Time to forget about such situations in the facility once and for all. In this white paper, read how predictive maintenance can help you reduce machine downtime by at least 50% while also lowering maintenance costs and increasing ROI and productivity.


The Predictive Maintenance White Paper 2023 accumulates the knowledge that our data scientists received while working on PdM projects.

Read it to get a chance to:

  • Explore what is predictive maintenance and how to implement it right

  • Contrast PdM to traditional maintenance approaches

  • See how PdM fits into your Asset Performance Management

  • Check two real-life use cases of how Intellirts built PdM solutions

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Get the Predictive Maintenance White Paper

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